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Synchronize Forms

Created: 08 Jun 2006 • Updated: 30 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
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In the guide it states 'If an Outlook 2003 user has enabled Use Cached Exchange Mode Then by default Outlook forms are not synchronized.'

The guide then shows how the user configures Outlook to synch forms. My problem is 750 users over 80 odd sites and most of them unable to follow simple instructions. Try as I might I cannot find a way to control this through GPO, Registry Editing, Office Res Kit PRF tool or anything else, neither can I find documentation to do it, other than an Outlook MVP saying it cannot be done. Surely my only option isn't going to be to get all my users to manually set this? Or am I missing something?

KVS 5 SP3 or 6 (can't remember, Valkeryie.dll is V5.0.6.6146 on the KVS svr) sitting on Svr 2k3 No SP's applied
Exchange 2000 SP3
Office 2003 SP1 (shortly going to SP2)
Clients on XP SP2

TIA for any help

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Jill Jones's picture

What guide are you looking at and what are you trying to accomplish?
I have exchange in cache mode and the forms are deploying to me.

They are setup as Enterprise Vault forms, not personal forms.

I have enabled offline vault and can view, retrieve, etc. all my vaulted items when offline or online.

Micah Wyenn 2's picture

I've looked for this as well, and I couldn't find it. Granted, I didn't look as hard as you did, but yeah...I dunno. Please post the answer if you find it.


TonySterling's picture

You could probably use the Custom Maintenance Wizard for this. There is a lot to digest here, but it sounds like what you want.

Co Tran's picture

You can use the Office/Outlook custom maintenance wizard to enable the synchronise forms.

Paul Costigan's picture

Thanks for all your replies.

Tony, it looks like this weekend I will mostly be reading... The Custom Maint Wizard for Outlook!!!

Cheers, will let you know how I get on shortly.


ADawson's picture

Did anyone ever figure out a way to script the "Synchronize forms" setting in Outlook 2003, besides using the Office Customization Wizard?




MichelZ's picture

Hi Best practice is to deploy the forms locally via the newest client.

All your problems will go away :)