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Synthetic Backups fail 607

Created: 26 Jul 2012 | 4 comments

Hi Guys,

I have setup Synthetic backups on one of our servers but I am getting a 607 fail for the shadow copy components, the baseline full was successful and all the drives have completed successfully. Can anyone help?

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What about the other drive(s)?

Have only ever set up synthetics on our Solaris boxes so cannot offer any direct insight into your windows set-up apart from what's offered in the T/N:


Ensure that a synthetic full backup has one full image (real or synthetic) and one or more subsequent incremental images (differential or cumulative) to synthesize. For a cumulative synthetic backup, there must be two or more incremental (differential or cumulative) images to synthesize.

I presume a synthetic of SCC will treat any previous incrementals as incrementals despite the fact that they will actually be fulls? As I say, only *nix for me & haven't had any issues.

In case it's of relevance or may offer further insight - please supply details of environment (NB versions & OS's involved) and post any errors logged in job details etc.

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I believe that you cannot synthesise shadow copy components, only file system resources.  The recommendation is to run Full backups for shadow copy components (presumably via another policy) as the system state etc need to have these full backups to restore from.

I ran into a similar issue myself and decided to separate the backup selections in one policy to capture the file system drives and add the same Client into another policy that will run the shadow copy components to get the complete image.

I hope this helps, Mike

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I've looked through my manual set and couldn't see anything specific BUT I have always had my Synthetic Windows backup policies run against data drives only; not the system disk. 

I have 2 policies; one for the synthetic data and one for the "system" data which typically includes "C:\" and "System_State:\" backup selections

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Hi nick_galtry

Did you manage to resolve this issue?