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system allowed email address or domain - Britghtmail

Created: 13 May 2010 | 3 comments

I need to pass this type of email because it is not a spam email but is accepted. I have to do to get the type of mail.

ID:                                            ac150a14-b7bbae0000037c1-ec-4beaf9e066eb
Message ID:                         <976718654-1273689036-carhu_decombobulator_blackberry>
tracker:                                   AAAAAAQAAAAQ=
Accepted From                     64.454.45.45
scanners                              host spam para correo de dominio xxx
Time Accepted:                    Wednesday,May 12,2010
Direction                               Inbound
original recipients       
original Subject                   re: prorroga
Full attachment                   None
Suspect Attachments         None

Recipient Data
Intended recipient      

verdict                                                                                              filter policy     
System allowed email address or domain                             static allow email address

Actios Taken                                    Deliver message normally

untested verdicts:        spam........suspected spam....

Please, helpme in As recovery

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I'm looking at the attached screenshot that seems to be from SBG (the text above looks a little bit dodgy, specially the IP address and tracker).
I can see there is a message received by SBG from a sender that has been apparently whitelisted therefore it has been delivered normally to an internal host. Is that correct?Why is that sender whitelisted? What do you mean by "is not a spam email but is accepted"?
Still not clear to me what the problem is and because this is the SBMF forum, would like to know how's this related to that product, or is it SBG?
Please describe the problem in detail so we can assist you better.



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The problem that the mail that I have problem and I have it in the white list so that you can. But caundo start looking at me Brightmail messages appear to place. But when my mail or mail addresses of those who get no email.

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Hi salome2010,

sorry to say this, but cannot understand the previous post.
If your problem is a legitimate message that is incorrectly being detected as spam, then please follow this KB article:

If after that, the problem persists, please open a case with Technical Support.