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system become slow after installing symantec

Created: 03 Aug 2012 | 13 comments
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some pc are responding veryslow after installng 12.1 agent,they have  2 gb ram and  c2d  processer,i scan them but  nothing found but still they are slow.,

2nd thing is it possible to uniinstall symantec client from console.

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You can't be uninstall SEP Client through SEPM Console.

Check this might help if this was something known there must be Fix released by Symc check Symantec in article below for know issue's

Check this fourms.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Is there any other AV software is present in this system?

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Try by installing only AV/AS component in one problematic system.

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What process(s) are utilizing the most CPU?

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in server        it is datbase process which is consuming a lot of  mem

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What event logs is it slow during login or after winlogon ?

check event logs you may find event id 10100 something post it if you see that i guess executing permission on DCOM should fix this issue

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Is there any scans are running in backgroud? (you may find this in SEP logs).

Have a look at below KB and apply what ever is possible.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Client configuration changes for performance optimization

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You say "database process", do you mean dbsrv11? What is the name of the process is taking a lot of CPU?

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The RAM amount sounds good, but you're using 12.1.....performance should be better

When did you schedule for full system scan?

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Some people here suggest me to upgrade to 12.1 RU1 MP1 for better performance ?

Dushan Gomez
IT Manager
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That wouldn't make sense.... i mean not without specific reason?

For the sake of troubleshooting... we should know what exactly the issue first then only upgrade if RU1 MP1 if it's confimed can fix the issue...

I suggest you to raise case to Symantec

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Any process using a way too much memory or cpu ?

If so, which one ? Does it occurs during the login of the user ? When tunring off the machine ? End the user session ? Short time after the user is logged on his machine ?

If no SEP process are using abnormal memory quantity or CPU use, uninstall SEP. If it's better, check environment settings on the machine even the GPO set on the machines cause it has been noticed sometimes that GPO missconfigured or corrupt could make struggle the AV engine/AV drivers of a lot of security softwares including SEP and slowness noticed without noticing high cpu or memory used on the machines.

Do not hesitate to use ProcMon and set filters with the guilty process and the rest of the process of expected process running on the machine.

Kind Regards,

A. Wesker