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System Disposed report with Disposed date

Created: 17 Apr 2013 | 2 comments


We using ITMS 7.1 SP2b

When we disposed any system from status Active there is no any report which gives date wise report.

So that we can identify Disposed date of system which is mandatory

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Hi CBZ1904,

Usint this query is posible to query the date when computer was associated to status Disposed.

fa.Name [Status],
ra.CreatedDate [Status Date]
from ResourceAssociation ra
join Inv_AeX_AC_Identification id on ra.ParentResourceGuid = id._ResourceGuid
join vFixedAssetStatus fa on ra.ChildResourceGuid = fa._ResourceGuid
where ra.ChildResourceGuid = '485C2F89-2FAF-46F3-9E98-D80116D1022D'

 If you need to query another status you could change the last line by replace the GUID with one of the following options. Also you could use this options to configure a SQL Report with Parameters on SMP.

Active 0A0203A5-D2B6-49F1-A53B-5EC31A89437C
Disposed 485C2F89-2FAF-46F3-9E98-D80116D1022D
In Stock 1C139F6C-F210-4002-90D0-4DFAF98D5FA4
Missing 631344E4-5712-4B98-A3DD-F2058FBB67E2
On Order FBF4A5D6-C649-406E-B919-E3C83AFA039B
Retired 492C463B-AFA2-4DD6-AE73-6FD2C7B0E489
Returned to Lessor 588224BA-16C7-4F84-B808-EF895CE5F759
RMA 48ABACB3-CE35-40E4-A1F8-32932135931D

Fábio Sanches

vikas1101's picture

Hi Fabio

Thanks for the reply this is really very good query.

Can we add department and location in this query.