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System performance issue

Created: 27 Sep 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 18 comments
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Hello - While scanning Symantec slows down the PC performance, so can we prevent the slowness issue while Symantec Schedule scans runs?

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If your SEPM is at 12.1 then disabling active scan will be done through steps below

Open  the SEPM console


1) Open  the SEPM console using the credentials

2) click on the Policy tab

3) Click on the Virus and Spyware Protection policy that has been assigned to the group on which you see the active scans are running.

4) Click on the Administartor Defined Scans

5) Click on the Advanced Tab

6) Uncheck the Option of "Run an active scan when new definition arrives" and save the policy.

Hope above all Helps!!!

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First of all what the version you are running in your n/w?

How many clients are in n/w?

Version of that clients?

Configuration running on client?

Hope this below link is alos help in your issue

System requirements for the Symantec Endpoint Protection client software

Ensure Scan Tuning options are set for “Best Application Performance”:

Consider using multithreading during scheduled scans:

Consider utilizing the resumable scan feature:

One more attach link for the system requirement

If your system configuration is not come under recommended requirement then I can guide you that schedule the system scanning at non peak hour which help to reduce the slowness effect and no bussiness impact.

Hope you understand


Sumit G.

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How many clients are in n/w?

Aprox 2500

Version of that clients?

Os- Vista / Win-7 & Sep - 11.0.7

Configuration running on client?

1.6 GH Processor and 1 GB Ram.

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System requirements for the Symantec Endpoint Protection client software

1 GB RAM minimum (2-4 GB recommended) for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 (all editions), and Windows Server 2008 (all editions).

Hopefuly the issue occur due to 1 GB Ram.

What the time your Symantec Schedule scans runs.?

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Scheduled time for scanning is Wednesday Evening.

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Is it your working time?

As you have mention Ram is 1 GB, So i would suggest to change the scanning schedule at non peak hour.

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K I will modfiy the time of schedule scan at non bussiness hour.

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Make sure you set for Best Application performance

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Already set as a Application best performance

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Hi All,

I think allowing certain exception in certain types of Windows Server also can reduce the server performance issue during the scanning as well.

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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Problem is in Client which as Vista/ Win-7

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Follow the best practice for scanning 

Set optimal scanning with better performance..

Schedule scan out of productivity hours....

Randamize the scan so that it can be resumable.....

Mohan Babu

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Try setting the scheduled scan for a different time during the day.  If the machines are never shut off, schedule the scan for in the evening or early morning.  If the machines are shut off at night and on weekends you could try setting the scan time for when the least amount of people would notice it, like when most people are on lunch. 


  1. Open the SEP window
  2. Go to Scan for threats tab
  3. Edit  your scheduled scan
  4. Go to advanced scan options
  5. Go to tuning options
  6. In scan tuning options,either choose Best Application Performance or Balanced Performance.Test each configuration and choose what suits you best.
  7. You could also consider scanning up to a maximum of 3 compression levels.

Check this thread Also

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Cool, many thanks Ashish for the tips !

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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After change the time frame, scanning issue not get from user but is it fixed permanently.

Any other change required?

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For the testing purpose i have set the time frame at non peak hour and it help me, can i set it permanently?

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As your eralier comments that RAM available in your system is 1 GB on Windows Vista & Windows 7 clients.

If the client computers are running with basic hardware resources, it is possible that the client computer's performance may get affected when a scan is running on the computer.

Better Solution - Set the time frame at non bussiness hour on production.

Permanent fix - Increasing the hardware resources on the clients that are running out of resources will help increase the performance of the computers.

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Thanks Parks1- I will share your comments to superior.

Thanks once again.