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System Recovery 2011 help

Created: 02 Nov 2012 | 16 comments

Good afternoon, anyone can help me on using System Recovery 2011, for virtualized environments. As for beginner.

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Check this

Managing Physical to Virtual Environments with Symantec System Recovery

Symantec System Recovery Delivers Flexible Recovery of Physical and Virtual Systems

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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What are your specific questions ?

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I have a virtual server File server having 3 discs; (first 100GB system, another of 2 TB and a 2 TB) with Backup Exec 2012 can not have backup because it exceeds the limit, so I decided to System Recovery 2011 have a single copy of the system, what would be the best option???
Thank you.
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What would be the best option for what? Your question is not clear.

If you are asking; can I backup this server with SSR - yes you can. SSR will need to be installed inside the VM itself.

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as you mention my question is how to use the SSR for that server, technical part, I tested with the SSR 2011, but not if the procedure followed is correct, I backup and send it to a storage, but could not restore , any recommendations?

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but could not restore

Please provide more details on what you tried and what did not work. We cannot help you unless you describe the problem in more detail.

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install the server SSR 2011, I made backup only the system drive, and when I wanted to send virtual machine converted into an error I went out on that I have no permissions on vCenter??? and can not send the conversion to vcenter ..

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OK, you cannot convert into vCentre. You must do the conversion directly to the ESX server.

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correct restoration also pointed to vSphere ... came the same error, and I have space and memory.

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What version of ESX do you have?

Please provide a screenshot of the error you are seeing.

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this is the first error I have requested me to validate credentials, but the keys are in the correct storage also create a virtual folder, but I have access or not the right way.

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Can you please translate the error into English.

Also confirm the following:

  1. Version of ESX
  2. Service pack level of SSR (check in Help/About for version details)
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I send the screen version of the vSphere Client.

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OK, thought this might be the problem.

P2V to ESX 5.0 is not supported with SSR 2011 and earlier. Support was added into SSR 2013 so you need to upgrade to this version for this to work.

Details here:

I will update this TechNote today to add info about support for ESX 5.0 being available in SSR 2013.

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ok proves on 2013 and be warned. Thank you.