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System Recovery 2013 Management Console- Can't add computers to jobs

Created: 12 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

I've recieved and installed the System Recovery Management 2013 console and have set it up according the the best practices in the admin guide.  I went through and configured all the settings and now have the jobs, destinations and settings how I'd like.  I have a few test machines with the Altirs agent, system recovery plugin and the system recovery software installed.  They are showing in the console as licensed and at risk.  

My next step would be to add individual computers to the jobs that I've created.  I select the job, hit edit and go down to the apply -> computers area.  The new window comes up, I select add rule.  I then choose "exclude computer not in" and "compuyter list".  I then type in the computer name and nothing happend.  In previous versions the software would filter through my computers list and find the machine.  I go ahead and just type in the computer name and hit "update results".  Then under the "computers currently matching rules" area it displays all of the machines that I've installed the new software on. 

Unless I'm missing something I can't add indiviual computers to jobs like I've done in previous versions of the product.  Does anyone have any idea of what I need to do to get this corrected?  Thanks in advance.

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Andreas Horlacher's picture

Verify that all of your computers are in the COMPUTERS view by clicking at the top of the browser on MANAGE, then click computers. In the drop-down, choose computers. Are all of your computers listed here?

If so, go back to the backup policy in SSR MS, click <exclude computers not> <in Computer list>, and you can choose the computer from the drop down list. Do you see that?

Andreas Horlacher

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Thanks Andy.  The machines are populating under the COMPUTERS area as i install the software.  The console see's them.  I still can't add them to a job.  I'll filter to add the single computer and when i hit update results, it either shows nothing, or all of the computers that I've added the software to.

Do you have other ideas?  Could it be SQL permissions, or a configuration issue?  Thanks.

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my sister having that problem lately, thats why im very thankful i found this.

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