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Created: 28 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

Across all of our sites, we are migrating to the Symantec System Recovery platform and so far, it seems to be a very powerful product.

One issue I am noticing, however, is that SSR tends to always stay connected to the backup location, at all times... We are sending our backups to a central backup server at each site, and simply specifying the UNC path to that folder in the backup job. From this, our backup servers seem to take a big hit -- I assume each connection requires some form of memory usage and the connection seems to stay open all of the time, in fact, I have 64 open connections from machines running SSR 2013, but no files being written or read... Just idle SMB connections.

Is this the intended behavior? Any way to turn it off?

I have considered running the backup to the local machine, then transferring over FTP to the backup server using the offsite copy methods, but several of our servers do not have a seperate disk or partition to store the image while it is being created.

Any suggestions?



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It is working as designed.
SSR keeps a live connection to the storage location so it can track image files,which we added as per customer's requests for ssr to manage the recovery points better.
vprodirwatcher.dll is the one that does This. And if you unregister it, ssr flakes out until it writes a new copy to use.
does that help?

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This is a known issue. When SSR establishes a CIFS connection to a backup location, it keeps that session open, waiting for the next backup activity. If you have multiple connections to the same location, the open connection issue you see presents itself. The technote for this issue is being updated, but should be back online by morning:

Andreas Horlacher

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