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System Recovery keeps deleting same recovery points

Created: 27 Mar 2012 | 2 comments


I disabled offsite copies on our SSR 2011 images.  Since then a number of the servers are doing backups and then reporting that they have deleted old image files no longer required based on our settings for the number of recovery points to keep.  The image files it refers to are the local ones, not the offsite copy.  However it reports on the deletion of the same files again and again.  Every backup it reports that it is deleting the same files. 

I guess I can delete the job and recreate it, but before doing that, which will require a new base image, is there another way to clear it?

Also, the offiste copies show in the job history as unavailable.  How can I clear them up?  Since offsite is disabled there is no option in "Manage Backup Desitination" to clear them up.


- Neil

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Is "Automatically optimize storage" selected ? (Automating management of backup data)

Hope this helps.

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No, it didn't make a difference. 

I find that if I delete the backup job and recreate it it does not keep telling me that it is deleting old backups so that solves that issue.  But of course I have to create a new base when I do that - not very convenient.

But the history continues to show the old "unavailable" off line backups and also normal backup files with a zero byte size.  These are the ones it is telling me it is deleting repeatedly.  How do I clean up the history - reinstall the software?  Is there a better way?