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System Restore on Win7 64 bit with WinRE using new PGP 10.3

Created: 25 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

So our organization got the new PGP 10.3 with the new WinPE tools with 64 bit support.  (THANK YOU!)

I was able to make a new WinPE 3.1 on a UFD and used pgppe to add the tools into my boot.wim file and I can now authorize myself to a PGP encrypted disk using 64bit WinPE.   yay!

So I need to take it one step further.   How do I do a system restore on a PGP encrypted Win7 64 bit system?

So what I did was this:

1.  Made a 2nd stick, but instead of winpe.wim, I extracted the WinRE.wim file from our Win7 64bit ISO

2.  used pgppe to add pgp tools to the WinRE.wim

3.  I am able to boot up my WinRE stick.  WinRE cannot initially see the encrypted C drive so I get to a command prompt,   run pgpwde --disk 0 --auth -p XXXX to authorize myself.  I can now see the contents of the C drive

4.  I run winpeshl.exe to invoke the recovery environment again.   WinRE is now able to see my OS.

5.  But when I run system restore, it fails to see any restore points.   I boot back up normally without WinRE and verify that there are in fact, multiple restore points available.  In addition, I manually create a restore point.   I boot back into WinRE, but it still fails to see any restore points even though I've authorized myself to the encrypted drive and can see the OS.

What am I missing?   I have yet to mess around with the MSDart tools, is it preferrable to add the PGP tools to MSDart and use that instead for recovery?

I realize this isn't specifically a problem with PGP since the pgp tools appear to work fine, but my google searching is not netting me any results so I figured I might find help here.  

Thanks in advance!

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still haven't been able to find an answer to this problem.

I did see this forum thread:

winpeshl.exe restarts the console, but System Restore still won't see any system restore points

I've made a MSDaRT disk as well and I get the same experience.    MSDaRT loads,  it fails to see the drive, I run pgpwde to authorize myself to the drive, I run winpeshl to re-load the console, MSDaRT can now see the Windows 7 installation (we're on 64bit however and I'm running MSDaRT 7 64bit) and in addition it even prompts for the admin password so that part seems to be happy.  BUT...when I run System errors out saying that it couldn't find any System Restore points.

What I've also noticed however is that when I run winpeshl, the NIC drivers don't get reloaded and I lose network connectivity.  Not that I think that has anything to do with the main issue, but thought it worth noting.  I keep thinking that if I'm losing network access when I run winpeshl, maybe something isn't getting re-loaded that System Restore needs to access the restore points.