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system state restore issue

Created: 08 Mar 2010 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

 Hi All,
 We are rebuilding the Windows 2003 Enterprise client server which was crashed 2 days before. Below are the steps we followed.

1. same OS with correct  MP & patches as were in the earlier installed.
2. Installed the Netbackup 6.5.3 in D:/ Drive.
3. C:/ drive has been restored successfully.
4. But the restore failed when started the Shadow copy components & system state. Restore goes fine with system services but i am getting the below error when the restore starts restore on system state.

Error:    system state:/ cannot create directory host <hostname>  (Wnidows 32 The system cannot find the specified path)

Below is the directory structure in the backup

|-- D:/
|--Shadow copy components
|      |-- System services
|--- System state

Here the issue is system state. It is listed as seperate drive in the backup. I saw Most of the backup contains the System state under the shadow copy components. so if we restore the Shadow copy components it will restore both sysytem state & system services toghther. I never faced use in that.

But in this server backup it is listed seperatly and iam not able to  restore back to original location. Iam getting the above error.
How to restore the system state. Please suggest me.

Thanks in advance. 

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Claudio Veronezi's picture

R U trying to use Bare Metal Restore?

is that The same hardware?

Claudio Veronezi Mendes
IT Manager at Lb2 Consultoria
Londrina - Pr - Brazil

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The document above is an excellent walkthrough - the steps lined out are pretty basic, but its also good to have to calm your nerves when working through a potentially stressful outage/restore situation.

Does anyone know if Symantec has released a similar document for Windows 2008?  


I realize the header of the technote references 2008 clients, but surely something has changed.

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I did not notice that link.

It appears the only major difference is the removal of the w2koption

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Hi all,
Thanks for the suggestions.

Claudio Veronezi - It is not a BMR restore. It's a regular restore.

I am already having the same doc and Iam following the same instructions.
everything went smooth till the C:/ drive restore.
Restore failed when we start the restore for shadow copy components and system state.

Below is the error which iam getting during the restore. finally the job goes incomplete.
Can't create file: system state:\ (Win 32 2: The system cannot find the file specified)


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Issue resolved after installing the Correct version of the Netbackup client server.

It was 6.5.5 before crash. but the server team installed 6.5 only. We found it after lots of battles. The doc above is excellent.

Thanks all for the solution.

You Rock !!!


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if you were unsure, it was covered in the doc:


3. Install NetBackup Client.

Install the same version of the NetBackup Client for Windows as it was during the backup, including any necessary patches.  Do not install a newer (higher) version than the master server.  

If the client version is not known, the version file (<install_path>\VERITAS\NetBackup\version.txt) can be restored from the backup image of the client to an alternate location on the master or a media server and examined.