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System-State restore / WinSXS directory issues

Created: 16 Jun 2011

When restoring the system state of a Win2k8 R2 machine, BackupExec dumps pretty much a duplicate copy into Windows\WINSXS (The folder where it keeps versions of every dll/driver imaginable).

Even when the "overwrite" option is selected, the files are still placed in that folder as additions, and it doesn't overwrite anything.

On 2 server restores from yesterday and today, they both failed - due to hard drive space.  They originally had 8Gb of free space, and we were trying to restore 2Gb of system state.  When it was all said and done, both servers were 100% out of space, and the winsxs folder was totalling 18Gb.

I've used the tool compcln.exe and was able to recover 2Gb back, but there is an excess of 6Gb left behind in that stupid folder that I can't get rid of.

I need a solution to remove the extra crap from that folder on a restore.  I've read all of the bad things about completely deleting the folder and how it'll blue-screen you with everything in between.  BUUUUT the files weren't on the server until the restore with BackupExec - which failed - and now they can't be removed cause the OS has control of that object.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.