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Tabbed view versus separate windows

Created: 20 Dec 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

Hello, I'm just download the 12.0 Beta and it looks good so far.

I note the new tabbed view for multiple remote sessions and it seems like a useful *option*. However, it can become annoying if one is connected to several hosts with different screen resolutions.

I have two questions about this feature:-

1) Is it possibel to switch off the tabbed view and revert to separate windows for each session?

2) The nicest thing overall would be to allow remote sessions to be tabbed or windowd, as you prefer, with some tabbed and some windowed at the same time. Is this/will this be possible?

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Cecilia Addison's picture

Hello Mark,

Thank you for participating in the Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 beta program.

In response to your question about switching off the tabbed view, this can be accomplished from the pcAnywhere Manager main UI. Go to the Edit/Preferences/Session Manager tab. You will see a checkbox for "Show active sessions in a tabbed view". Simply uncheck this box to view sessions in windowed mode.

Additionally, we appreciate your enhancement idea. Although this may not make it into this release, we will considerate it for our next version.


Mark Rousell's picture


Many thanks for the quick response. You've answered my question.


Scott Queen's picture

I'm using Cross Platform Remote on Mac OS 10.4.... I don't see any place to set the preferences as you mention in your response to Mark.... do I need to install a pcAnywhere Manager app?


Cecilia Addison's picture

Hi Scott,

Thank you for participating in the pcAywhere beta.

You are correct. You currently cannot set this as a preference in the CrossPlatform Remote. However, if you are using the CrossPlatform Remote, you can toggle between the tabbed and multi-paned view using the "Switch" menu option. When you re-open the CPR and re-launch sessions, the application will remember and display the view that was last selected. Unfortunately, this may have been broken in the beta release that you have installed.

I hope this helps.