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Table ResourceInventoryHistory function and clean-up

Created: 24 Jun 2013 | 2 comments


Does anyone know what the table ResourceInvenotryHistory is used for? And if there is a scheduled task which cleans up the table?

I have two child servers with the same settings but on one server the table contains 60'000 rows and on the other one 6'000'000 rows. I would think some kind of clean up does not work correctly on the server with 6 million rows.


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There is another table ResourceAssociationHistoryDelta which I am interested in. Anyone knows which scheduled task cleans up this table?

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I would guess the purging maintenance task is timing out on the child server with 6'000'000 rows

Your replication task could be interfering with the purging tasks and they both run at the same time.

Believe the default purging time is 2am.

Try to manually run the purging task in Windows Scheduled tasks and check the log for errors.