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TabSubDialogComponent - How Do We Use This ?

Created: 29 Nov 2012 • Updated: 02 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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I am trying to use the TabSubDialogComponent in Workflow 7.1 but I'm not making much progress.  I've reviewed the following post but without some screen shots I'm still lost.

There doesn't seem to be much on line help for this component.

Any help appreciated



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I use this component to group "similar" pieces of data across tabs.

You create a tab by adding a Dialog Model on the User Interaction tab. One of the drawbacks/nuances of this component is that each tab is essentially it's own form (once you drag a Form Builder into the dialog model) and all forms need a button. You can get around this by just changing the Visibility of the button to False.

When you do this, you have a nice form with one button.

See the attached project for an example... if you get a version warning, just ignore and still try and open it. Let me know if you can't get it open and I'll attach some screenshots.

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Thanks Reecardo,

One crazy thing that I found was that the tabs didn't show - or didn't appear to show.  What happened was that the default colour styles of the control made is so that the tabs were not visible and the text on the labels was white on a white background.  It was only when I changed the styles that I could see the tabs at run time. 

I'll follow up on your sample later today



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I've had a look at the component and that's the kind of things that I want to do,  Coming from a Windows dev background I find it a bit clunky but it sorta works.

The upgrade failed due to missing dot net components on the server (in running 2008) but the visual interface was still able to render