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To take backup of RDM mapped Virtual Server

Created: 23 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

Hi All,

The Server which am going to backup is virtual Server, RDM mapped and also it is a Clustered server.

When i tried to take image level backup it failed with snapshot error.

Please suggest solution to take System level backup.

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RDM not supported with NBU for vmware agent. THe best way to protect is by installing a NBU client on the vm and backup using normal method.



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Let us Assume like this. 

1. My Client Server Name : LODHA (VM machine) - it is RDM mapped Server (SAN)

2. Now i want to perform system state backup for LODHA.

3. I want backup with Snapshot for LODHA.

4. So i installed NB Client on the LODHA server.

5. While configuring backup policy --> Perform oof-host backup --> Use --> Alternate Client ---> Machine ---> ( What i have to give in Machine option.. should i have to give LODHA in the machine option)???

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I hope you are selecting Policy Type -Windows and it will by default use VSS for it. You need not to select anything under snapshot client unless you want to use off host for some specific reason.

In Machine you could select any of your Media Server if you want to use Off Host otherwise don't select anything

But if you want to shift the burdner of the backup process to another host or device on the network you can use the Perform off-host backup.

This option performs the backup processing on a separate backup agent, greatly reducing the impact on the client’s resources ordinarily caused by a local
backup. The backup agent can be a data mover (NetBackup Media Server,Third-Party Copy Device, or Network Attached Storage) or an alternate client.

You can also read snapshot client guide