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tamper protection

Created: 04 May 2011 • Updated: 29 Jul 2011 | 7 comments
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Hi all,

Use of  Tamper Protection?. Use of  Tamper Protection?.

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Tamper Protection provides real-time protection for Symantec applications. It
thwarts attacks by malicious software such as worms, Trojan horses, viruses, and
security risks.
You can set Tamper Protection to take the following actions:
■ Block tamper attempts and log the event
■ Log the tampering event but do not interfere with the tampering event
Tamper Protection is enabled for both the managed clients and the unmanaged
clients, unless your administrator has changed the default settings. When Tamper
Protection detects a tampering attempt, the action it takes by default is to log the
event in the Tamper Protection Log. You can configure Tamper Protection to
display a notification on your computer when it detects a tampering attempt. You
can customize the message. Tamper Protection does not notify you about attempts
to tamper unless you enable that functionality.
If you use an unmanaged client, you can change your Tamper Protection settings.
If you use a managed client, you can change these settings if your administrator
allows it.

The above details are extracted from Client guide.

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Tamper Protection is a Feature that helps protect Symantec Services from being tampered by Threats and other unavoidable things present on the World wide web, network, etc.

Tamper Protection and Proactive Threat Protection are hardcoded and are enabled. 

So yes, you can also say Tamper Protection is a protection for Symantec and by Symantec..

But yes, you can surely delete files of Symantec even though Tamper Protection is Turned ON.

We always recommend our Customers to Lock the Tamper Protection Feature for better performance of the same feature.

Tamper protection will only protect Symantec Services from being tampered by Threats and other unavoidable things present.

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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i am not getting ...plzzz explain once again ...why should i lock tamoper protection.

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files/process which tries to stop symantec configuration, registry would be taken care by tamper protection by not allowing to stop/edit.

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If tamper protection is  switchen on? Is it'nt ?

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Yes, if tamper protection is switch on and configured to block. :-)