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Tape Discrepancies

Created: 01 Aug 2012 | 5 comments

I keep having the below issue happen. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make what comes onsite match the picking list?  Or why we would get tapes back the clearly have expired but don't show up on the picking list either?

The below list of tapes arrived on 073012, unexpectedly, due to expiration retentions at the off site vault:


The below list of tapes were delivered on 07/27/12 but are listed on 07/30/12 Picking List For Vault (VIN Req):


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All media returning from Iron Mountain is exactly the media that is supposed to return from Iron Mountain on the money every time.

The issue we continue to have is the inability of Nebackup to display on the Picking List For Vault ALL media that is due to return to us from offsite on a given day. The reports will only either list: no tapes, or a partial list of tapes, or tapes delivered the previous day.

It appears some setting in Netbackup is preventing it from accurately displaying ALL media due to return on a given day on the Picking List For Vault report.

For example  the following are due to return per Netbackup AND Iron Mountain:


Yet on the today's Picking List For Vault- NO tapes are returning.

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OK, excellent - thank you for confirming that ...

Here is the bad news- the are no settings in NBU that control this, it is completely 'automatic' (well, should be ...)

I am not of course saying that there isn't something wrong - just simply that it isn't the case of flicking a switch.

Does this happen for all tapes, every time, or only some tapes, some of the time ?

Sorry for all the questions, but all details can help, as you will understand.

I would suggest grabbing, for a tape that has not appeared on the report it should have done.

1.  the vault detail.log for the sid that ran and created the report

2. vmquery -m <media id> for the tape

3. vault.xml file


Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
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Hmm, are you using containers ?

If you are, and the container contains tapes that expire at different times, then all the tapes will only be recalled, when the last tape in the container expires.


Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
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I am having the same issue - and not using containers.

The issue is that any tape ejected after our vault job runs that day is not on the return list from NetBackup, but We get everything for that day returned from Iron Mountain.


On Dec 12th 2010 -

Tapes ejected at time of vault ( 11:00 am )



Tapes that were completed later that day up to Midnight of 12 /12 /2012 and ejected the next day:




NetBackup tells me that the rerun tapes for Dec 12 2012 will be the first two above. However – Iron Mountain reruns all 5 tapes – BECAUSE they all expired on THE DATE of 12 12 2012.

It's a time stamp issue – and I still don't have an answer – VERY frustrating.

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how you are updating  the tape expire date to Iron mountain?

Does it from Vault report FTP to Iron mountain?

or updating the Iron mountain site(secure sync) Manually?

if that is the Manual update, there is a possiblity of mis-entering the return dates/ you can check that from the Iron Mountain Disturibtuion list.