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Tape drive is displayed as standalone, not listed under library

Created: 06 Dec 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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I have an IBM 3650 server with LTO 4 TS2900 IBM autoloader connected via a LSI HBA. The OS is Windows 2008 r2, SP1. I have Backup Exec 2012 SP1a with 3 hotfixes applied. AS far as i can tell, I have all of the latest drivers and am running the Symantec driver for the tape device. I am having no luck getting the standalone drive associated with the tape library. The "Drive Element" statement does not appear in the ADAMM.log file. I have the same setup working with no issues in the lab. Am I overlooking something or do I possibly have a made autoloader?


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In device manager are you able to see Medium changer if yes then what is the driver installed it , Symantec recommend to install Uknown medium chager for Microsoft and not h.w vendor driver

So if you don't see medium changer in device manger then please consult contact H/W vendor else if you see the medium changer please ensure unknown medium changer is for Microsoft is there

Additionally as you already have mentioned symantec drivers are installed which is good ,you can try doing diabling the tape drive seen in backup exec and deleting it once and then doing a power cycle by powering off  the library and the Media server & then powering ON only the library first and wait for it to be intialized and then Power ON the Media server back again and check

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Not seeing the robotics within Windows doesn't make it a vendor issue. It could be incorrect termination if a SCSI device, incompatible HBA (using a card that supports RAID only!), or incorrect zoning if fibre channel.


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Thanks for both responses but I have been unable to correct the issue as of yet.

 I will explain my setup a little more in detail. I have two identical hardware and OS setups, one in the lab and one in production. This is the first deployment of this setup in our production environment. Unfortunately, the production environment is in a time zone that is 14 hours ahead of EST so the communications are a little slow in coming. Everything is working fine in the lab setup.

I have checked and both setups show "Unknown Medium Changer" with a Microsoft driver dated 6/21/2006 version 6.1.7601.17514.

Both have an LSI SAS2 2008 Falcon StorPort HBA with driver version dated 4/11/2011 installed in slot 2 of the server.

Both have an IBM TS2900 LTO 4 autoloader attached to the LSI card. The tape drive appears as "IBM ULT3580-HH4 under "Tape Drives" in Device Manager. Both have the Symantec driver version loaded for the device.

I have even gone through a complete de-installation and installation of BE. I have had the local person go through a power cycle of the autoloader.

This is  SAS setup so there is no termination on the autoloader. This autoloader model has been deployed with our environment for a couple of years with BE 12.5 and has had no issues.

There is no Fibre connectivity or setup in this configuration. The one difference I see is the autoloader in the production environment has the below firmware levels.

Robotic library = 0021 and Tape drive = B6W1.

The lab has the below firmware levels.

Robotic library = 0006 and Tape drive = 89B1.

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I apologize for wasting both of you all's time on this issue. The one thing I did not state was, I was not involved in the original autoloader hardware installation and setup. I "assumed" certain things that came back to bite me. After talking to Symantec support, both of us were ready to proceed with and autoloader replacement. At that point I thought surely the shipping screw had been removed from the back of the autoloader. The installation site was half way around the world and 14 hours ahead of me here in EST. So I worked with a person onsite in my lab to test and see if the shipping screw being inserted made any difference or not. In our lab, the screw being installed or removed made no difference so I assumed that was not the issue. Just to be certain, I asked the onsite person for the production setup to check just to be sure. As luck would have it, the shipping screw was still installed so the library mechanism could not move . He removed the screw, powered off the autoloader, power it back on and rebooted the server. Now all is well and the setup is working as it should. I still do not know why my lab setup did not perform the same way but I will go back into the lab to see if I can reproduce the error. Thanks for the suggestions.