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Tape drive going down frequently

Created: 03 Dec 2013 | 5 comments


I have one tape drive going down frequently, i dont see any stuck tape, and no backup failure as well, but the drive is down since 2 days.

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what is the OS/Netbackup verison ?

did you see any error messages in event viewer(windows) or messsages(var/adm/messages) in unix

reffer the below tech notes

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yes i see error in event viewer as 

Operator/EMM server has DOWN'ed drive HP.ULTRIUM3-SCSI.000 (device 0).

OS : Windows 2003

NB version :

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Just before it went down are there other related entries in the event viewer?

Usually something like tape0 has a bad block, or I/O error

Quite often a tape drive will go down if it contains a tape which came from a library slot that is full (caused by tapes being loaded via the magazine rather then using the load port)

A little more info please

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Please enable additional logging:

  1. Add VERBOSE entry to vm.conf on the media server (in ...\veritas\volmgr) and then restart NetBackup Device Management service. Device and Media Manager messages and errors will be logged in Event Viewer System an Application logs.
  2. Create bptm log folder under ...veritas\netbackup\logs. This will log NBU I/O actions/errors, etc.

Check ...\netbackup\db\media\error file to see if problem is experienced with particular media or drive.

PLEASE upgrade your environment. NBU 6.5 ran out of support more than a year ago.

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