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Tape drive stuck "in use"

Created: 07 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

I have a tape drive that's displaying "in use" but there is no tape in the drive or job running. I've restarted the services but no luck. I've rebooted the server but still showing as in use. I've deleted the tape drive, remove the current drivers...rebooted the server and reinstall the drivers but tape drive still displaying in use. I am using backup exec 2010 R3 and the tape drive is a Quantum stand alone. Any ideas?

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Try a powercycle (follow the sequence).

1) Disable and Delete the device from BE console

2) Switch Off Tape Drive

3) Shutdown  Media server

4) Switch ON Tape Drive, let it get initialized.

5) Switch ON Media server.

6) Make sure you have installed latest Symantec drivers for the tape drive.

Also check windows event viewer for any hardware related errors

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It would be also good if you isolate it by accessing the tape by web interface if available and then performing operation like scanning or inventory and see if that works or you can download the vendor tools & perform different option like read ,write and check if that works ,if that also have issue then best would be to contact hardware vendor and resolve the issue further

Hope that helps



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I assume this is a Quantum LTO drive?

The "in use" is something in the BE database.  Restarting serviceds normally gets things back in sync.

Are you able to run an inventory job?  Or does the job site with "no idle devices"?

Using the SCSI tracer while you are starting BE services may show if the drive is sending some weird signals, in which case it would be a hardware issue.

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I forgot to mention the quantum stand alone tape drive is internal on the media server. As for accessing the unit via web interface, Im not even sure what the IP is on the drive. Instead of powercycling the media server, I will try shutting off the server for a few minutes and powering it back up as suggested by AmoIZeroCool. I'll keep you guys updated.