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Tape Drives are not visible through scan.exe command

Created: 16 Mar 2014 • Updated: 23 Apr 2014 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Friends,

I'm facing drive path down issue for one particular media server.

Connectivity between Master and media server is fine. i.e., Ping, telnet, bpclntcmd tests are successfull from both the ends. device mapping files are showing up to date(1.119)

In media server, drives are visible in device manager, but not through *\Volmgr\bin\scan.exe command. Need your inputs on this.

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Delete the drives in Device Manager and the Scan for hardware changes - are they coming back?

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The issue is not NBU, it is some problem between the OS and the drives.

scan will work 'independantly' of NBU, by that I mean if you shutdown NBU, scan will still work - it doesn't use NBU.  All it does is send scsi commands to the hardware, and displays what is sent back (+ a bit of formatting to make it look nice).  In more detail, it sends scsi commands to the devices seen by the OS.  

If the devices do not appear, either there is a fault with the device (unlikely if multiple devices have disappeared) or there is some problem with the communication between the two.

Regards,  Martin
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The Drive details were showing as unknown in Device Manager.

Installed the drivers. Now its working fine for Windows machine.

But I'm still facing issue in AIX machine. I have installed the OVPASS drivers and configured it too. But there is no output from sgscan yet.

Anybody faced such kind of issue??

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did you try to reconfigure the OVPASS

may be remove_ovpass  then install_ovpass and then mkdev_ovpass

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OVPASS in AIX is for robot control.

Symantec no longer supports ovpass for robot control on AIX and suggests that robot control be done on other supported OS (e.g. Windows). See NBU 7.x HCL - search for the word 'ovpass'.

For tape drive config, please go through the AIX chapter in Device Config Guide - different drivers are needed for IBM and non-IBM drives.

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The OVPASS was first time installation. No re-config has been done.

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Have you gone through the section in the HCL? 
Did you see that Symantec no longer supports ovpass?
And that they recommend to use another supported media server for robot control?

If you have added robot and tape drives on the Windows server, the Windows server is now the robot control host.
Why do you need ovpass/robot control on the AIX server?

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