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Created: 16 Aug 2013 | 6 comments

Hi all,

I accidently labled some L5 tapes with L3 lables. Does anyone know if the tape library will read the L5 tape as an L3 tape?


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Hello Metal smith,

do you mean that you have wrong barcode lable on L5 tape, if that is the case there wont be any change in read and write operation with regards to the tape drive, it will still be able to use full capacity of L5 tapes, issue would only be with labeling displayed in BE console which might cause a confusion for you to identify right tapes....

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Ok great thanks for the info. I was concerned because we are seeing some slower throughput on some backup jobs and I can't figure out why just yet.

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Hello Metal smith,

I was checking few other post related to same topic, could you please confirm if the capacity for L5 tapes is showing right in console apart from this there could be issues using the wrong barcode please have a look at the forum link

I would suggest you to contact hardware vendor as well to see if this would have any impact on read and write operation of drive.

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Are you talking about media labels or bar code labels?

The wrong media labels will have no impact.  I would suggest running "rename" jobs to get the labels changed to "L5" as the tapes get overwritten to avoid future confusion.

If you have the wrong bar codes, it will lead to confusion and probably problems, depending upon if what library you use and if you plan to ever use bar code rules.  What library are you using?

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You should correct this situation as soon as possible.

1) When the tapes are OVERWRITABLE, move the tapes to the Retired Media Set, right-click on the tapes and then select Delete.  This will delete them from BE

2) If you are using barcode labels, then put on the correct L5 labels and scan the tapes after putting them into the library.  If you are not using barcode labels, put them in the tape library/drive, right-click on the slot/drive and then label them correctly.

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Whislt this may not be true for every make and model of tape drive, we have seen hardware refuse to accept a tape if the label indicates an unexpected standard (as per the hardware vendors barcode guidelines)

If a hardware can refuse a tape for this reason then it is possible that other unexpected symptoms may occur.