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Tape Library configuration for Backup exec 2012

Created: 10 Dec 2012 | 2 comments


Is there any guide or video training to help install and configure tape library with best practice? 

also if symantec server full destoryed and i have tape with backup for any application what is the option to recover the application from tapes backup ? 

Thanks In advance

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Check the links below:

The Admin Guide will also inform you how to configure partitions etc. You would make sure that Unknown Medium Changer is shown in Device Manager (not the manufacturer's driver for the robotics), and that the Symantec driver is used for the tape drive.

To recover data if a media server fails, and assuming you have backups on tape/disk of the Data/Catalogs folders within the BE installation directory, you'd do the following:

1. Install OS and patch and add to the domain. Keep the server name the same, along with IP if possible.

2. Install your version of BE and patch.

3. Restore the Data/Catalogs folders to a temporary location.

4. Stop the BE services, and rename the current Data/Catalogs folders to something else. Copy the restored Data/Catalogs folders to the new installation directory and start up the BE services.

5. Inventory the tape you want to restore from, and perform a restore.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The recommended way to recover your media server is to use SDR.  There is an entire chapter on SDR in the Admin Guide.