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Tape Library Management (Backupexec)

Created: 02 Oct 2013 | 4 comments

All my jobs are backed up to disk on the Media Server first and then duplicated to Tape. I am using a Dell TL2000 Tape Library which holds 24 tapes and we have a pool of 23 tapes where we duplicate the backups. I am unable to ascertain what is the best way to manage if we need to retain the backups for 3 weeks. Currently I can see it is appending to the same tape most of the time. Is there a way I could force the backup for each week day when we do incremental backups to be on a seperate tape rather than appending to one tape? Further to that the full backup on Friday evening needs to happen on a different set of tapes and with a retension period of 3 weeks. What is the best way to achieve the same?



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If you want your incremental backups to go on separate tapes, then set your incremental jobs to overwrite rather than append.  Be aware that you would be using a lot of tapes.  It might be better for you to specify the first incremental job of the week as overwrite so that it use a new tape and then the incremental backups for the rest of the week can append to this tape.

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OK, Will try that and see for the next one week how the backup goes. Thanks for your quick response.

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Hi Venkatt44,

In addition to what PKH suggested, you can also use "Partitioning of Robotic Library" precedure.

By partitioning a tape library, it helps you provide more control over which media tape to be used and on which tape library slots.

Below is the link on how to configure BE2012 Robotic Library Partitioning:

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If a library is partitioned and the OPP is not set correctly, the job will fail even if there is an ovewritable tape in another partition.  This is because BE will not fetch a tape from another partition.  Job failure when there are overwritable tapes in the library is not a desirable outcome.