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Tape Media sequence

Created: 10 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


I run a disk backup then a duplicate tape job runs right after.  I have a tape library inwhich every Monday I load and entire weeks worth.  Slot 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday and so on.  I have media set rules that state OPP 5 days and AP 1 hour.  I rotate two weeks worth of tapes so every other week the same tapes are used and available. ( meaning the overwrite protection period is over ).  The problem I am having is I can't seem to get Monday nights duplicate job to pick the slot 1 tape, the Tuesday nights duplicate job to pick slot 2 etc.  It just seems to randomly pick any tape.  Can this be fixed?


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Backup Exec by default would pick up the oldest media assigned in that media set. Which means that you have 8 slots of overwritable tapes, Be would use its own algorithm about which tape to pickup.

Inorder to get this to work, you need to use Robotic library partitioning. Create partitions with 1 slot each and schedule 5 or 6 seperate duplicate job scheduled to run like once a week like Monday, Tuesday, etc and target the job to a partition..

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BE searches for overwritable tapes in the sequence described in the document below

How Backup Exec searches for overwritable media

You should not be too concerned about which tape BE uses.  Instead of micro-managing your tape library, let BE and the tape library do what they are designed to do, i.e. manage your tapes for you.  See my article below

As long as the OPP is set correctly, BE will never overwrite the wrong tape.