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Tape Migration from an old Tape library to New Tape Library

Created: 25 Dec 2012 • Updated: 28 Dec 2012 | 11 comments
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I have an old master server with Netbackup 6.5 installed connected to an old tape library

and another New Master Server with Netbackup 7.5 installed connected to a new tape library

my question is if I took one of the tapes from the old one to the new one Is it possible to scan it and see it on the new master server and explore its contents and even restore any of it given that both have the same clients the two master servers are controlling the same clients ?

Thanks in advance

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Though the clients are same but you have 2 different master server and one doesn't have the catalog information of other unless you have migrated with old catalog or upgraded.

You can definately read the tape from other library on new master server but you have to run the phase1 and 2 import to read the contents of the tape and to restore the data.

While importing the tape make sure you match the barcode rules correctly on both the libraries otherwise it might give you issues and will not be able to read the tape.

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Thanks Sazz but Sorry what are phase 1 & 2 

are they migrating the old catalog & upgrading ? 

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This TN will help:

The import porcess is just creating the catalog information in the New NBU database.

Phase 1 is reading only the tape headers off the media. Phase 2 however, NetBackup is recreating the files information in the images database.


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ok but this all after migrating the old catalog , right ? 

or this can be done after the new fresh installation on the new master server with the new created catalog then adding the old tape from the old tape library to the new tape library then going through these above steps , right ? 

Thanks in advance

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ok I guess we have to take a step back.

Is your new master environment in production or in testing phase? Will you be migrating all the suff from old master to new one?

You can only restore the catalog if you have the master server of the same name and same NBU version. I guess the best option i see is to upgrade your 6.4 to 7.5 to carry every thing.

You have to either upgrade on old server first, then migrate to same version on new server using catalog backup and restore,  or install same version on new server.

Remember if you install a brand new setup then you have to import all the tapes to do recovery and will take lot of time. Consider again what exactly you are looking.

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look the exact situation and problem is that the customer has an old 6.5 running and every day he asks for a new thing 

he wants to move to 7.5 on a new server with a new hostname and new ip so he doesn't want to migrate also he doesn't want to upgrade because he wants new policies with a new installation fresh one from the beginning but suddenly when we were going through this process he asks " so what if I want to restore any of the old backups ""

so that's why I asked because I know fresh installation with a new catalog backup means that you won't be able to see your old backups because they are stored in the old catalog

so the last thing I assume that to have two master servers running and on connected to the same clients and when he wants to restore any old backup use the old master server and all the new backups on the new configuered policies on the new master server 

so will this work knowing that the same licenses will be used on both master servers 

what I know because I have tried this before is to use the same license on different master servers on my virtual machine  and it worked but they weren't connected to the same clients before ? 

if you have any recommendations or suggestions please tell me :)

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You have received excellent advice in this thread - please select one of the posts that has helped you most and mark that as Solution (not your own!).

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every day he asks for a new thing smiley

Thanks for explaining everything. In that case the stratergy looks fine.Yes it will work and it is better to use old infrastructure for the restore instead of the new one. In that case no need to import the tapes on to the new master server.

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so this  will work 


thanks a lot for your help

thanks so much for your effort and support 

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I guess you should mark the post that helped you instead of your own questionsmiley

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Sorry for not marking your post as a solution 

I'm so sorry although I'm sure I did mark yours as a solution 

but any way sorry for this mistake and thanks so much for helping me :)