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Tape reservations

Created: 17 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

What is the best working setting for tape reservations in netbackup and netapp for NDMP backups in NBU 6.5.6 when using multiple backup hosts?

Available options are:

In NBU 6.5.6

- SPC-2 SCSI reserve

- SCSI Persistent reserve

In Netapp

- options tape_reservations {scsi | persistent | off}



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I have never changed the default setting - Works without issues.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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If you are not running a cluster then it doesn't really matter.

scsi persistent reserve is more advanced, and if everything supports it then this is the most 'modern' type .  The main advantage is that NBU can break the reservation made by one node of a cluster, if the cluster fails over.

The most important thing is that any device that sees a given tape drive use the same type of scsi reserve.

If you have one type of scsi reserve on NBU and another typr on the filer than you will have serious issues.


Regards,  Martin
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Some NBU documentation:

If the drives are attached to a NDMP device, it must be ensured that the SCSI  reservation on the NDMP device is set to match the SCSI reservation type of NetBackup.

When using SSO, shared devices require the same level of SCSI reservation. The default SCSI reservation configured within Netbackup is SCSI-2 reserve/release. The solution is to either configure SCSI-2 reserve/release on the Filer or to configure persistent reservation within Netbackup. 

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Can you tell me the default values? I did not set up this environment so im unsure about them :)

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SPC-2 SCSI reserve is the default.

Regards,  Martin
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