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Tape Retention Question

Created: 25 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I am using Backup Exec 2010r3.  Under my Media Set properties, I have Overwrite Protection Period set for 9 days and the Append Protection Period set for infinite - allow append.  Under the properties of my Daily backup, I have "Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available.  I have a four week tape rotation (a five day work week, so 20 tapes total) and my department needs to keep 90 days worth data on the tapes. The issue it seems I am having is that my tapes are filling up and they do not seem to be deleting old data from the tapes.  I have looked at some of the tapes and they still have data from June of last year on them.  I have five scratch tapes set aside, but again, I have to keep 90 days worth of data, so overwriting my scratch tapes is not possible.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  The Overwrite/Append options are a bit confusing, but from what I have read, I am not the only one.

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To gain a better understand of OPP and AP, read this document

OPP and AP explanation

You said that you set the OPP to 9 days and yet you need to keep data for 90 days, is there a typo or is this information correct?

OPP is calculated from the end of the last job that writes to the media.  When you append to a tape, the OPP is extended accordingly.  For example, your OPP is set to 1 day and you append to a tape.  The tape is immediately protected for 1 more day after the job.

If you don't need to maximise the use of the space of the tape, then set your job to overwrite.

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Yes, that was not a typo.  I copied the settings from Backup Exec on our older file server to the new file server.  These settings on the old file server worked fine.  Granted, that was set up before I was hired.  It's been working fine, but just recently the tapes are filling up a lot quicker and the data being backed up has not increased that much.

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Check Media Management Option from Tools --> Options. Is it set to "Overwrite Scratch media before overwriting recyclable media in target media set"? 

I suspect so as you are saying you have 8 months old data still on tape with just 9 days OPP. If the option set to mentioned value and if BE finds a tape in SCRATCH set everytime a overwrite operation occurs, then recyclable tapes belongs to media set won't be overwritten!