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Tape rotation

Created: 03 Jun 2011 | 2 comments

I have a few questions about our tape library and NBU 7.1

It seems sicne we are doing rotation, that we have to move tapes in and out of our Library. It seems that instead of  exporting tapes directly out of the library via the vendor's interface, I need to first eject the media via NBU. Admin console. If I do not do this it appears that I need to re-inventory the robot/drive every time tapes are rotated, which is about once a week.

So my questions are

Should this process take two steps - eject tape from NBU first then from Library (doesnt seem efficient)?

Do I need to re-inventory for detection of media if removed and placed back in?

Is this an optimal solution/procedure or this is simply by design?

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What type of robot do you have?

What are the exact steps that you perform from starting NBU eject up to going to the robot to remove media? Please provide screenshots combined with explanation of steps.

The media ejection period (the amount of time before an error condition occurs) varies depending on the capability of each robot.

The timeout for a TLD robot is 30 minutes. If the media is not removed within this period, the media is returned to (injected into) the robot.

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We used to just eject from library, that means physically - either move them to the MAP port or just open the library to retrieve offsite tapes. After that simply inventory the library to reflect the change of media location.

That time we didn't really "eject from NBU" which is considered a logical process. This step is optional from NBU perspective. It is up to you, but if you are making use of volume group for media management (such as vault) then you would need to "eject from NBU".