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Tape rotation

Created: 08 May 2013 | 1 comment

Hi All, we are just putting a new installation of backup Exec 2012 in place and I have (hopefully!) a quick question on how tape rotation works.

So here's the plan:

Currently we have a bunch of scratch media (tapes) in a library.

I have configured media sets for daily, weekly, monthly and annual jobs.  Tapes are allocated automaticaly to the media set through the backup job.

Daily jobs have an append period of 24hrs and an overwrite protection period of a week.  We have also setup a virtual vault, tapes are set to move to the vault after 1 days and be returned after 8 days.

So my question is, when tapes are returned from the vault will they still be assigned to a partoiculare media set, i.e. once a tape that was used in the daily media set has been returned from the vault be automaticaly used by weekly, monthly and annual jobs or will we have to manualy erase them?

All jobs are set to "apend to media, or overwrite if no appendable is avilable"

Thanks in advance!


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When the tapes return from the vault, they would still be associated with whatever media sets they were associated with when they went to the vault.  The vault is just a location.  They never leave their media sets.  You can check this by clicking on them when they are in the vault.  You would see that they are still associated with their media sets.