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Tape/media stuck in Tape Drive

Created: 17 May 2010 | 5 comments

Is there any command available to eject a media/tape from tape drive as its causing the backup job failed with error code 830 :((((((((

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i.e. jammed, you could try using robtest

You will probably need to use the unload & m options.


If you do remove a tape from your library in this way you will need to inventory the robot via NetBackup to record that the tape has been moved/removed otherwise this could cause you issues further down the line.

***EDIT #2***
A am rather presuming here that this drive is in a robotic library & not standalone!

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you can try Robtest command to move the tape .

go to   prog files\veritas\Vol\bin and then type Robtest

Type : S D ( it will show all the drive status , you can check  your media is in which drive)

Then select the Robot and then assuming that the media is struck in drive 1
Type :  unload d1

you wil get as "drive sucessfully unloaded"

Type :    m d1 P1 ( move drive1 to port1 or else you can give any slot no. exp. S100)

wait for a minute or less it will give you the status as " Move_media complete"

If this doesn't work then manually reset the drive and leave for 2 minutes and then try the same commands.
Even after it didn't work then you need to contact your hardware vendor to remove tape manually.



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do a tpconfig -d to find out the drive number in which  the tape is stuck. 
then run a robtest  and use the following commands
s d --->-this is show you the status of drives, if it has tapes it will list it here
next step
m d<drive number> s <slot number of the tape> ---- this is move the tape from the drive to the slot

you will get a confirmation if robtest was  able to move the tape successfully,if not you will get an error. If you get an error ,have the drive checked physically for stuck media.
Next Step
q ---quit out of robtest


bash-3.00$ tpconfig -d

Id  DriveName           Type   Residence
      Drive Path                                                       Status
11  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.011 hcart3 TLD(2)  DRIVE=9
      /dev/rmt/11cbn                                                   UP
12  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.012  hcart3 TLD(2)  DRIVE=3  ----- shows the drive number
      /dev/rmt/12cbn                                                   UP       
bash-3.00$ robtest
Robot Selection
  1)  TLD 1
  2)  none/quit
  Enter choice: 1
Robot selected: TLD(1)   robotic path = /dev/sg/c1tw500509630f5da801l1
Invoking robotic test utility:
/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tldtest -rn 1 -r /dev/sg/c1tw500505640f5da801l1
Opening /dev/sg/c1tw500509630f5da801l1
MODE_SENSE complete
Enter tld commands (? returns help information)
s d
drive 1 (addr 257) access = 1 Contains Cartridge = no
drive 2 (addr 258) access = 1 Contains Cartridge = no
drive 3 (addr 259) access = 0 Contains Cartridge = yes ------drive 3 contains tape id P0001 and it shows its slot number,which is 226 in this case
Source address = 1250 (slot 226)
Barcode = P0001
m d3 s226 ----> this will move the tape id P0001from drive 3 to slot 226

hope this helps


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I had a particular library/drive that sometimes resulted in stuck media and did not respond to any OS commands, sometimes a comms issue, and the old "holding the eject button for 25 seconds" or more, on the actual drive itself did the trick of unmounting the tape media. If this did not solve it then usually found it to be a tape leader issue. (This was back in days with the DLT tape media). 12 months in and LTO, and direct Fibre, has never missed a heartbeat.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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Yes Stuart you are right ,  usually in DLT drives tape leaders will comes out from the parking position . But in LTO drives locking system is good due to that we won't face such issues on LTO drives .