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Tapes go to Not appendable after single use

Created: 03 Dec 2013 • Updated: 04 Dec 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Backup Exec 2012 with 16 tape robotic library.

I backup to disk and then duplicate to tape for weekly, monthly, and yearly. Duplicating to weekly (the default Keep Data for 4 Weeks) works fine. The Monthly and Yearly jobs will write to tapes that are set to scratch, but once the tape is ejected from the drive, it is set to not appendable. If enough jobs are queued up it will keep writing to tape, but as soon as the tape is ejected it goes to not appendable. The tape is not full, has the correct overwrite protection etc.

This is only for the monthly and yearly jobs that I had already created and are being used by all my jobs...I can create a new Media set with the exact same settings as the current Monthly and Yearly and they work fine. Anyone seen anything like this? I'd hate to have to go through all my jobs and edit/re-create using "New" monthly and yearly media sets.

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If you want to append to your tapes, then check the media set and set the append period to a reasonable time.

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Append period for the Yearly media set is over a month, and for the monthly media set is over a week. The tapes go to "Not appendable" immediatly after a backup is done... i.e. the duplicate job is done, tape is automatically removed from drive, and is now "not appendable". 

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If the tape is full, then it is not appendable.  Maybe you can post some screenshots to better illustrate your problem.

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The tape is not full. It doesn't matter how much data is on the tape. The moment the tape is ejected from the drive and put back in it's slot in the library it becomes not appendable.


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Looks like part of the image got cut off. Here is the rest.screenshot2.jpg

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I ended up creating new monthly and yearly media sets and pointing all the jobs to it...that seems to work now. The old monthly and yearly media sets were brought over from backup exec 12.5 so it looks like there is a bug in using old media sets from 12.5