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task "Clean up File Resources" failed

Created: 01 Nov 2012 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 15 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys,

since we've updated our environment from 7.1SP1 to 7.1 Sp2 MP1 the Task "Clean up File Resources" is failed.

The NS Logviewer shows non errors. But in the Task-Details you can find the error messages. have a look to the attached file.

Has anyone an idea??


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I've forgotten the attachment..

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seems to me you applied SP2? There is another threa pointing same direction, but solution is not integrated.

Maybe you have to call support to get the solution for this.


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I am having the exact same issue since upgrading to SP2 Mp1. I have contacted Symantec and hopefully they will find a solution.

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We are still having the issue after MP1.1 rollup 1. Did you find a solution?

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sorry no solution until now.

@brent.awalt: did you find a solution with the help of symantec support??


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Unfortunately no. During the troubleshooting of this i ran into bigger issues, and fixing this kind of got placed on the back burner.

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Same issue after the update. I have found no solution!

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I have this issue as well since updating to SP2 MP1. Does anybody know a way do do this manually on the database?

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Any news on this yet. Just discovered we are having the same issue.

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I've no solution for this issue.
I'll open a support case. Maybe it's already known at symantec.

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the problem  is solved in my environment. Maybe it will help you too.

1. Step

Cause of this Issue: Invalid entry in the DataClassResourceForeignKey table.


1. Make a full backup of the Symantec_CMDB database.
2. Find the list of data classes with the 'FileResouceGuid' column:
SELECT * FROM DataClassResourceForeignKey as dcfk
JOIN DataClass dc
ON dcfk.DataClassGuid = dc.Guid
dcfk.ResourceTypeGuid = '018B191B-47AE-4180-9FCD-7F3CEA4F1E12'
3. Check the listed tables and make sure they all have the 'FileResourceGuid' column.
4. When the table without the expected column is found, delete it from the DataClassResourceForeignKey table.

Please NOTE that there are valid tables as well and double check if you are deleting correct table entry.

!!!Solution 1 did not resolve the issue (in my case)!!!

2. Step

Please run the 1st query and doublecheck  if the Inv_Software_Execution table is missing the FileResourceGuid column.
If yes, then please execute the second query.
--1st query
select * from Evt_Application_Start
select * from Inv_Software_Execution
select * from Inv_Monthly_summary
select * from Inv_Installed_File_Details
-- second query
delete from DataClassResourceForeignKey
where ForeignKeyGuid='E0C7CB1D-C586-41C0-8A8F-A65275E82BAC'

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Thank you so much for this!  Step 2 fixed it for me.

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The Support told me, that isn't a known issue or bug.
But I think the contrary. I got the solution within 2 days, that's not normal for the support. It's too fast ;)

And we've the problem in every environment which we've updated from sp2 to sp2 mp1.

The main thing the problem is fixed.

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Step 2 was the solution in my environment as well. Thank you Nessaja.