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Task to Identify Mac or Windows

Created: 15 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I would like to make a task that can be issued against a machine and identify whether it is a Mac or Windows box.  I'm not so worried about what version of each, but more so just the two.  I've tried a few different things, on of which was a SQL Query task.  Thus far I've not managed to get one working.  I wanted to know if anyone has a solution for this, or even just thoughts on other avenues to accomplish this.

My end goal is to have a task that I can use the result from as a condition in a job to determine whether it should run Mac specific tasks or Windows specific tasks on a system.  This way we can have one job that will act appropriately regardless of what the system actually is.

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I found a solution to meet my needs with a little help from this ( thread.

The solution was to utilize the %OS% token and a VBScript run on the Task Server.

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Altiris 7.5 will include detection rules for Unix/Linux/Mac.  You could then create a Mac software resource that includes a Mac OS applicability rule and a Windows software resource that includes a Windows OS applicability rule.  Both software resources can be included in a single policy that is assigned to all workstations.  Both software resources will be checked, but of course a Windows computer will evaluate false for the Mac OS applicability rule, and the Mac computer will evaluate false for the Windows OS applicability rule.

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