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TDI service doesn't exist

Created: 31 May 2012 | 9 comments

What does it mean if I don't have a TDI service and how can I get one.

Backup Exec 12.5 requires this service in order to start most of the other services and since I don't have one, I can't start Backup Exec.

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Please check this technote and confirm if it helps: - Restarting the remote agent causes Event ID 7000 The Microsoft IPv6 Protocol Driver service failed to start

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I am not in office so can't lookup the details but I vaguely remember researching this a while back - the BE services can on rare occaions get their dependencies linked with the wrong services. As far as I can remember we never 100% found out what the cause was, but you need to compare the service dependency registry settings from a working 12.5 server with yours and make any approprate adjustments.

I'll try and check tomorrow but can't say for sure that I will find the details

EDIT: Bhavik managed to find the information I was thinking of.

E. Fudd's picture doesn't seem to apply as neither of the registry keys mentioned exist.  The only keys under BackupExecAccelerator are "Enum" and "Security". 

Unfortunately, I don't have a working BE 12.5 server to compare against

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Thta does not sound correct, if any service won't start because of an error saying it depends on something else then there will be registry entries covering the dependency settings - this is a fundamental Operating System function not a BE specific one. Are you checking those reg keys on the actual media server and logged in with full admin persmissions?

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RAWS & agent broswer is dependent upon the TDI service group...

This TDI group contains the following services ~

Wireless Zero Configuration
Wired AutoConfig
DNS Client
DHCP Client

Do you see these services listed under services.msc ? I think, these services are regular ones with any flavor of Windows...

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I'm definitely looking at the server that will be the media server (if I ever get BE running), and after triple checking, the only keys under BackupExecAccelerator are  "Enum" and "Security".

Looking at services.msc, there is no Wireless Zero Configuration though there is a Wireless Configuration (which is started), there is no Wired AutoConfig at all. The TCP/IP Netbios Helper, DNS Client, and DHCP Client are present and started.

The Server itself is running W2k3 SP2.

I'm new to the company and this installation was performed by my predecessor over two years ago (you don't want to hear about what the company has been "doing" about backing up the network since then unless you enjoy nausea).

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Hmm if that means BE has not been started for ages and that no real backup strategy was in place - I'd be inclined to suggest a complete re-install and starting from 0 as your server sounds somewhat messed up

If you do decide to re-install then take a copy of besurnum.xml first - as this is your licenses and can be used with the import button on the lisences screen.

Also copy the data and catalogs folder and any backup to disk folders, although to do a clean re-install you won't really use them, but if you want to see what old data might be in the system you will use them aftyer the re-install and before you configure any jobs etc.

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Where can I find a copy of besurnum?  There doesn't seem to be one on the server.

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There is a typo in the previous post.  The file is besernum.xml.