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Technical Graduate, Backup Case Study

Created: 15 Mar 2014 • Updated: 19 Mar 2014 | 2 comments

Hi there forum!

Basically, i have been given a backup case study within my new job and i'm looking for any advice or guides that you guys can provide.

The case study is very broad and doesn't include many specifications, so make assumptions where you see fit.

It is written as follows:

"Random PLC" has 150 users spread over three separate sites, 100 users in the head office and two other offices of 25 users each.

At the moment each office has a server with a backup device attached and each office is responsible for its own backups and backup policy. Management has to decided to implement a central policy for the replication of data back to the head office and then centralize backups.

At the moment the head office produces 300gb of data a week and the other two offices produce 200gb of data a week each. each office already owns a LT03 tape drive. What solution would you propose to cetralise and consolidate their backups?

Like i said, ANY help would be appriciated and patronise as much as you want.

Thank you in advance.

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I only saw this now, and not sure if you have solved this yourself.

I would suggest looking at optimised deduplication which is a function of Backup Exec.

Basically you would have a CAS/MMS (Centralised Admin Server/Managed Media Server) setup. 1 server at your main site would be the CAS that controls the other site servers which are MMS servers.

Optimised dedupe backs up to a local disk on each site, and then duplicates that data on a schedule to the main site. From here you can duplicate the information to tape if required for longer term retention.

See below for more information:


Optimised Dedupe


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CraigV's answer is the Backup Exec official answer, however you will need some alternate thoughts as case studies typically should present the pros and cons of different options

for example: If they are consolidating then you could implement forms of terminal services with remote terminals and no servers at the remote office moving all the data from the remote sites to the central office and then the backup question becomes a local backup at the head office

You perhaps should also look at forms of backup to the cloud

Whatever your proposed solution ends up being you need to at least discuss the impact of WAN link speeds and the possibility of using different products (i.e. one to replicate the data between locations and one to back it up vs a single product solution.)