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Technicians using PCAnywhere losing connection

Created: 24 Jan 2014 | 4 comments

We use CMS version 7.5 and PCanywhere to connect to our clients.

We haven't installed PCAnywhere's 12.6.7 HF1 because I need to think through who would be host only, etc.  Otherwise we're up to date.

PCAnywhere connections through CMS have been pretty good for me for our clients, however some of our technicians really struggle seeing frequent disconnections or the screen freezes up, they see 'artifacts' on the screen and they have to use task manager to quit out of the app all together.

The techs are in the same network VLAN as me.  Using the same model computer (desktop, no wifi).  

I tried putting a ticket in with support and got no where.

Anyone have suggestions?  Is there a list of ports PCanywhere uses somewhere?

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How are they initiating the connection?  Via the Symanatec Management Console, via the pcA icon on the SMP's desktop, via the pcA plugin on their own machines, via stand alone pcA on their own machines?

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So far they've been connecting via the console.. which is how I do it.  I asked them to try the Quick connect on their machines.

I moved one of the problematic users to 'symantec administrator' group (which I'm in) and so far she's had 100% connection success since.  The techs generally are in a level 1 cloned group.

Has to be coincidence?  You would think if it was a permissions thing it just wouldn't connect at all.

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I did find this tech article if it's helpful to anyone else regarding how it connects.

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Hi Sally5432,

 I can suggest you can check with the below article's for reference,

Certain known issues have been resolved with the Symantec pcAnywhere 12.6.7 Hot Fix (HF1) . Kindly check with the below article for reference, .

After installing Hot fix (HF1), we have to make sure all the PCAnywhere plug-in's are upgraded and we have the latest version.