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Test Evault on new Hardware after data being copied from old server

Created: 31 Mar 2013 • Updated: 01 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi all,

I'm in the process of building new hardware (windows 2008 64bit) for one of my EV servers (win 2003 32bit, Ev8Sp5), so it can be shipped to a new location.  New EV server will have a temp name and same drive letters (I may have to move one or two vault stores to another drive letter) while being configured.  Once configured and shipped to new location, server will be renamed to current EV server and current server will be shut down.  My current EV server will be in backup mode so no changes can be made to the vault stores and indexes (archiving and journaling services stopped as well) while all the data is copied to the new server.   Before shipping my new hardware I would like to test that EV will be functional on new server when it arrives in new location.  I would like to take my current EV server online, rename new EV server to current server, make changes to SQL table for location of new vault stores, and run the Ev configuration to verify it will come online and I'm able to open archived mail.  If everything checks out, I will rename new server back to temp name, revert changes to SQL table, and bring old server back online.  Does this seem feasible or to test my new hardware prior to me shipping it to my new location?

Sorry if this isn't 100% clear

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So basically you will be going through the Data-only DR steps from the admin guide and follow the renamed servers section.

I think you should be able to test it ok with the steps you outlined above if you feel the need to test it before you ship it out.  If it were me I think I would probably just ship the server and just bring it online.  If there are any configuration tweaks needed you will be able to make those adjustement on the new server in the new location and you won't have a 100% test without archiving data with the new server, which you will not want to do during you first test.

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Thanks for the reply Tony,

If I'm doing the same with my SQL server do I need to perform the steps to restore the database after all the logs and database files have been copied to the new server?

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I am a bit unsure of your question, but yes, you will need to make sure that the databases are consistent.  I think a backup and restore would be the best way to move them. 

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I was referring to moving my EV Sql server to new hardware as well.  As you stated once I complete a backup and copy the DB and logs to new server, I will just need to follow the restore DB instructions.  I wasn't sure if I needed to perform the restore DB instructions after copy the logs and db over.  Thanks for your assistance.