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Testing disaster recovery - Failing on two servers

Created: 06 Apr 2014 • Updated: 06 Apr 2014 | 7 comments

Hi all

I'm running Backup Exec 2012 on a company SBS 2011 server backing up the SBS 2011 server and a Windows Server 2003 box daily to external HDDs.

I thought it would be wise to run a test recovery in the event I would have to do it in real life so I created a DR Disk, attached one of the External HDDs to a Hyper-V server and attempted first to recover the SBS2011 to a virtual machine (as I read this is supported fine).

The first restore attempt completed but got stuck at "mini-setup", which is a wizard that runs just before it reaches the login. I deleted the virtual machine and started again but the second recovery again got stuck at the mini-setup so I read this article reboot the SBS2011 box which skips mini-setup, I log in but cannot get Windows Explorer or launch the setup or anything?

I then decide to do a test restore to virtual for the Server 2003 box, this restores fine but is no longer joined to the domain so I can't log in using my domain login credentials? I do not remember the local credentials as it was around 5 years since the server was built but I don't understand why it no longer shows the domain as a possible login!?

Any advice here? I have no confidence at all with Symantec restore and do not believe I can restore my system in the event of disaster right now


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Hi LFC Geoirge,

Kindly tr to disable the Minisetupusing this:

Start regedit through the command prompt and then browse to this directory:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\IDR\

Create a DWORD value, name it RunSetup and set value to 0.

Try torecover the virtual machines again..

Hope this helps..


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This registry key is given in document

Do not repeat something which is given in a document without giving the source.  This is plagarism.

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Hi pkh,

Noted ont this.

lesson learned..


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@LFCGeorge - Have you seen this document?

When you prepare the SDR disk, you should include any custom drivers in the disk.  See this document

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Hi pkh and ecnivnaj

I have tried but like I say it will boot fine and log in but I don't get Windows Explorer and cannot launch any programs or even task manager the server just sits with the SBS Console and nothing else.

When I restore the Server 2003 server it restores fine but when I reach the login screen I cannot log on to the domain (no option to log on to domain) so I can only assume it's been reverted to a workgroup during restore and I don't know the local credentials?

I can provide screenshots if needs be

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I am not sure what is your environment when you boot up the restored server.

Presumably, the SBS server is a DC. If the old server is still active, then it is not possible for the new server to be part of the domain.  You can't have two servers with the same name in a domain.  Likewise, the new server cannot start a domain because you cannot have two domains with the same name in the same network.

If you can't remember the password of the local admin, then nobody can help you.

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The server I am restoring is in a completely different office with no connectivity to the original Domain Controller. I wanted to know why my restored domain joined Server 2003 box has been restored as a workgroup server, it doesn't make sense. I have logged a call with Symantec technical who hopefully can explain.