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testing SDR (BackupExec-2012)

Created: 24 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

I'm afraid I may already know the answer to this question but I have to ask.


I am new to BEX 2012, only been using it for a few days now. I think I have all of my problems running the tool ironed out and as a final stage of that decided to test the SDR feature in an offline lab. Unfortunately I had to remove the tape drive from my production backup server, I just don;t have a spare LTO5 drive, and in my opinion this method tests the recovery with "real world" disaster recovery. Because of that this question is a little urgent since I need to put it back on the correct machine before the backups run again tonight.


I have my .DR files available on a DVD and the tape with a "full" backup of the machine I am testing. The full backup that I want to restore is only about 25GB, the C-Drive partition (hardware RAID) that I want to restore to is 120GB. Unfortunately the DR file says the original C-Drive partition was 400GB so the restore is complaining about a mismatch. Since I am only dealing with about 25GB of data and the server hardware is identical, is there no way I can recover 25GB of good backup data onto a 120GB drive if the original was 400GB? Editing the .DR file maybe?

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Answering my own question here...

No. You cannot restore a server that had bigger partitions than the target, amount of actual data or free space has nothing to do with it. There is no workaound to this if you want to use the SDR tool.

Second question...

Tried running the same test without using SDR, just using the restore wizard. Doing a full system restore provides no option to choose the destination, it assumes that the destination is the source. That makes sense for 99% of restores but I cannot find any place to override or choose alternate destination. The file level restore removes the option to restore system state and apps. So from what I've found; until I can buy more disk for the old/spare server there's no way I can test a full recovery. Just hoping someone knows of a way to restore a 25GB full backup to my lab machine that has ~4x that much space. Any ideas?

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I don't quite understand what you are trying to do.  When you create a restore job, you can choose what backup sets you want to restore and within the backup set you can choose what resources, files, etc. that you want to restore.  Once you have chosen the resource to restore, you can then re-direct the restore to another server.

If you just need to test recovering a server, you can do the following

1) install the OS on the test server

2) install the remote agent on the test server

3) restore the C: drive

4) restore the system state 

5) re-boot the server

This will get you a working machine.  SDR automates these steps and also allows you to install on a machine with different hardware.  If you do the above steps without SDR on a machine which is different from the server that is backed up, you will not likely to succeed because of different drivers, etc.