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testing tape lib

Created: 25 May 2013 | 1 comment


I've got a brand new test backup server and tape library system setup - right now I want to test it so I have 2 partitions setup and the big one is 20 tapes.  The other partition I have is two tapes for manual off-sites of just data.  The other jobs going to the 20 tapes are complete server backups maybe.

Right now  I want to point ALL the jobs I created to those 20 tapes and just have each job append to the end of the previous job to run for a while so I can see how long each one takes and how big they are now.  This will run for one week and then I'll take note of the size of that job and how long it too to run and finish.  Once I have that I'll let it run a few more times to dbl check the size and time it takes again.

I just want each job to get added on to the tapes and then once I have an idea of the size and time and what will fit where then I'll set up a proper GFS system later.


How can I do that - can I create one media set and then point all the jobs to that set?

Do you treat the partition as the place to point all the jobs to, or do I have to create a media set for each job I have and then submit that to that groups in a different way?

If all my tapes are blank and scratch media sitting there how does backup exec grab a tape and "add it" to the pile so to speak?  Just add a tape from the pile to each job as it needs them?  I don't know how long each job will take or how much space it will need.

Cheers' Fred

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For test purposes a single media set would be good enough. During your job setup, point the job to the partition you created.

As for the tapes, if you set up your media set correctly, a tape will be filled, and then BE will grab the next tape and fill it up etc. As each tape is used, it gets added to that media set.


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