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Thanks so much Rod, another

Created: 18 Apr 2011 • Updated: 18 Apr 2011 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Thanks so much Rod, another question

Is ccs 5.1 license available using on ccs 5.2?

or i have to upgrade it through symantec support call?

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SuperTech you have the correct matrix but the path was not completely followed.

The versions:

CCS Release CCS Kit Number HAL Build Number
5.0 DCAP 5.0.3208.0
5.0 GA 5.0.3284.0
5.0 RP1 5.0.301.0 5.0.3284.68
5.0 MP1 5.0.356.0 5.0.3491.0
5.0 MP1_RP1 5.0.383.0 5.0.3491.37
5.0 MP1_RP2 5.0.403.0 5.0.3491.96
5.0 MP1_RP3 5.0.432.0 5.0.3491.184
5.0 MP1_RP4 5.0.449.0 5.0.3491.225
5.0 MP1_RP5 5.0.463.0 5.0.3491.262
5.0 MP1_RP6 5.0.530.0 5.0.3491.307
5.1.1 5.1.1694.0
5.2 Beta 5.2.706.0
5.2 GA 5.2.473.0 5.2.1600.0
5.2RU1 5.2.2115.0 5.2.3239.0

Since you are at version 5.1.294 you must upgrade to 5.2.473 (Known as CCS5.2) because the bits for 5.2.2115 (Known as RU1) will only install as a patch to this version. I may not have made it clear above that you are required to download and install version 5.2 and then download and install 5.2RU1 as a Release Update (RU) is applicable only to a release version which in this case is 5.2.

You may find it easier to deal interactively with one of our TSEs in your time zone to get answers to all of your questions prior to making the attempt to upgrade as several factors are applicable per environment and there is no blank solution to just doing one thing to achieve your goal. The HOWto link you quoted with the table titled Versions that you can upgrade to 5.2 are the only versions you can go directly to 5.2 from. You cannot go to RU1 for 5.2 from any version except for CCS5.2. Please upgrade to 5.2 prior to attempting the install as above.

The error:

Installed product version is 5.1.1
 Error: Invalid product version - expected 5.2RU1
is the reason for the failure to perform the upgrade to RU1 for the node, which is expected for the reasons detailed above.
I hope that clears up any confusion.


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I see, CH is as same as MH before ccs version 5.2

and from 5.2, some of MH become different, and called CH

The Control Host is a special type of Standard Agent

so CCS MS is the biggest CH...cheeky

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In the version you are running (CCS5.1.1) you may go to the host description and see the MH has a designation like OM (Operations Management), DM (Data Management) or both DmOm. In the latest version

The newest version of CCS will report differently:

Note as of the CCS5.2 version the File scanning functionaility will be discontinued but there is a new Symantec product which has greater functionality and even more power in auditing files called Symantec Data Insight.

The Control host would be the host specifically installed to be an Operational Manager and scan the FibreChannel switches, Arrays, etc. Unfortunately in the past some Administrators installed all functionality to evey MH and as a result could configure several scans of the same devices which wastes resources and causes overhead. With the concept of Control Host (CH) the scanning host choice is expected to be much more deliberate.

There are some best practices that hnegate the MS as a CH in certain circumstances which are outlined in the documentation but one of which is to NOT use it for the install of a HDvM, ECC (EMC ControlCenter), etc. but yes in response to your observation the MS can act as a CH of sorts. the best determination can be how much of the work of the application does the Administrator desire be done on the Management Server itself

You want to distribute the discovery of hosts, arrays, switches, and VMware ESX servers

The Control Host can discover remote hosts, arrays, switches, and ESX servers and then send the discovery data to the Management Server. As a result, the Control Host can lessen the amount of computing that the Management Server would have to do to discover these objects directly.

The complete table is available at

The best advice is to size your server to your environment, consider using many CCS MS for different geographies or data centres and collate the data through a reporting tool like CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter.

Hope that is useful information.



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CCS= CommandCentral Storage

from the picture below on a CCS version 5.2 Release Update (RU) 1 Management Server (MS) the license installed is from CCS5.1 and can be see on the licensing page as such.