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There are differences between the default database schema and the database schema on this server.

Created: 17 Apr 2012 • Updated: 25 Apr 2012 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I was upgrading from v.3.1.2 SP3 fresh install with restored backup of v.3.0.0 to v.3.2.0 MP5. After upgrading from 3.1.2 SP3 to 3.2.0 using PGPUniversal3.2.0.pup no errors were reported. I was waiting for about 2 hours instead of 1 recomended by Symantec to give the server a chance to update database schema properly. Then I had used PGPUniversal3.2.0MP5.pup to udate to the latest and greatest. Now I have migration and update logs pointing to schema_report.txt and stating that DB schema is not what it needs to be. How do I resole this?

Thank you.

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Please send logs messages and details.

Do you see any unexpected behaviour or data mismatch?

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No, all seems to be OK. But, I'd like to resolve this, since no further updating will be possible.

migrate_3.2.0.1672_3.2.0.2599.log_.txt 18.45 KB
update-2012-04-13.log_.txt 3.23 KB
schema_report.txt 8.6 KB
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This is what Symantec engineer had done:

Brief summary of issue details and resolution provided:

     ISSUE : After upgrading to MP5 getting an error message differences between default database schema and database schema on this server

     SOLUTON : The migration error were showing due to presence of file last_update_migration_error.log in /var/log/ovid directory and hence removed it from PGP Universal server.

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Migration errors are very common when moving from version to version.
There are no critical errors in the logs you sent.
It´s just a warning message ; this is due to database schema differences, since built-in db engine are different between these two versions.

If users and keys are there,  everything is in place. Server and features will work as expected
You can check the version in System tab.

You can clean the message deleting /var/log/ovid/last_update_migration_error.log

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We upgraded our Universal servers (clustered) from to 3.2.2317(MP3).  We received the same errors on the migration.  We opened a case with Symantec and they had to have a developer make a lot of manual edits to the database to correct the issues.  I would open a support case to have them look into it.

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Open each of three log files GIG-41 sent
Look for the word "error" on each: Phrase not found

In schema log, down on the bottom, the only difference found was in "Missing indexes".... but those 3 entries are exactly the same below, found in "Extra indexes".

Warning message was showed up because,

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Fortunately, development has made correcting schemas less painful than it used to be. In most cases we can determine what changes need to be made and make them within a few hours. While most schema differences I have seen do not cause issues, some can. I expect the items listed in the attached schema report will not cause issues. I, personally, would prefer to have them corrected. If, as part of your case, you did not send the engineer or analyst a .psd file, please either reopen the case or open a new one. (Among other things we want to be able to measure the scope of the schema differences.)

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