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Is there an Article or video on the process involved in editing an existing package.

Created: 05 Dec 2012 • Updated: 05 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

I have had some issues with editing packages and have found a method that works but it is not how I would expect it to work. Is there some articles in the method to use to edit a package?

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More information required.  I am unaware of any specific articles or videos that address your general requirement, so if you could take the time to specify exactly what you did and what you expected to do, perhaps we can advise you further.

There is a search engine associated with each forum on Connect - have you tried this?

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I have done extensive searches to find articles on the editing process and have not been successful.

I have a compiled package and want to make changes to the package and recompile it.

The way I would expect to accomplish this is to use the edit feature in the Virtual Composer. However when I use this method and open the package and edit the layer it does not keep changes I make when it is recompiled.

The way I use to accomplish changes and have them stick most of the time is to use File Open in the Virtual Composer navigate to the XPF file in the package folder. I have to ensure there no existing layers in the composer before doing this.  I then make changes to the layer. Delete the XPF file in the package folder and then recompile. That seems to be successful most of the time, but not with all things. Sometimes even though something has been changed in the layer it won't keep the changes when it is recompiled.

I would think that using the edit feature in the Composer would be the appropriate method to use but it doesn't seem to work.

Are there restrictions to what changes can occur to a compiled package and if so where is an article that explains what can be changed in a compiled package.

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Hi Kharmon,

the information you are looking for should be in the user guide - looking for editing a package.

In any case, I need to know how and what you are editing to help answer your question. When you edit the "layer" you have to make sure "refresh" checkbox is checked in the virtual composer for the changes to stick in the package. On the other hand, if you are editing package info (such as scripts and events, meta data such as package details, supported OS, etc) then you should make sure "refresh" checkbox is NOT checked before you compile.

Why this discrepency? The reason is simple. Any of the layer properties are done in the SWV tool. SWV tool has its own work area and environment. Any of the changes here needs to be reloaded in the composer before compiling to ensure changes done in the layer are reflected in the package. "Refresh" checkbox accomplishes this reload functionality. Similarly, if package properties are changed, those happen within the context of the composer on the layer that is loaded in composer's work space. In this case, you should NOT "refresh" since you want to retain the layer that is loaded AND take the changes made in the composer into effect.

Hope this helps.