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There is a error when update esm agent remotely

Created: 08 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi all,

        There is a error message  when we update the esm agent remotely ,the error is :


         Erro occurred while writing prologue prologue_write – error (-3) authenticating agent cnsz0359 error reading record

         Key cnsz0359 not foune in database

         Unable to open connection to agent

        Agent update failed


          I have tested the port 5600 on the agent using telnet ,it works correctly.

          Can anyone give me some suggestions?


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Hi Wilson,

Please share the below data for me to assist you in solving this case. I also need you to carry out some tasks to diagnoze the issue further.

1. ESM Manager version as seen by right clicking on the manager and selecting properties in ESM Console.

2. ESM Agent version as seen by right clicking on the agent and selecting properties in ESM Console.

3. Are you able to perform ESM ping operation on the agent using ESM CLI (esmc.exe on Windows and esmc on Solaris SPARC)? Share the output of ESM's ping command.

-- to ping the agent first login into the manager using ESM CLI and then type

ping <agent-name>

You should be able to see the agents version details as part of the output if the agent is valid and manager can reach the agent.

4. are you able to run policy on the agent? If yes, after running the policy please check the version of the agent once again.

5. The manager log file - esmmanager.log found under - <ESM Install dir>/system/<hostname>/ directory.

If you are unable to carry out the above tasks (2-5) successfully, please re-register the agent with the manager once again using the register utility. If registration is successful, please attempt to remote upgrade the agent.

Thank you.

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Hi Vighnesh,

1、The ESM Manager's version is V10.0

2、The Agent's version is V9.0

3、I  can ping the agent using CLI

4、I can run the policy

There are 1500 agents in the ESM Manager,I can not unregister all the agent and re-register it.


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Hi Wilson,

I would like to clarify that, agent deregistration from the manager is not required, only re-registration with the ESM manager should suffice. We definitely dont need to do this for all 1500 agents. just doing this on one agent should suffice.

I see this task is also being handled in Titan, case id - 418-976-238. I think titan will be the right place to handle this issue since sharing manager logs and other files will be more suited there.


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Hi Wilson,

A stale agent entry could have been left out in a ESM domain but not really present on the ESM Manager.  The same issue could be in your rtemote upgrade attempt case as well. To verify please run the domainfix utility.

The domainfix utility is available on your manager machine under '<ESM Base Install>/bin/<platform>/' directory. The utility will prompt you for the credentials. Enter those and let the utility run. The utility will get rid of all the stale entries left out in a ESM domain.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.