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Is there a input for money format component

Created: 17 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

Hello All

I am working on a new workflow that will have a cost field in it and the purpose is to enter the cost of the item. The cost field is a number that will range from $999,999.99 to $0.01

I started out with a numeric text field but that will just allow entry of numbers so that did not work.

I have now found the MaskEdit componet which allows me to start the box with a "$" and I can place commas and a decimal to format as a money field but when you enter the numbers say 5000, it displays it as $500,0. I have tried all variations of the mask filters but I cannot find a way that if someone enter 5000 and it shows as $50.00 in the field.

Does anyone know the best way to get my results that I am looking for.

Thanks for any information that anyone can provide me.


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You want a custom mask... there's documentation for masks here:

What mask sequence are you specifying?

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Hey reecardo

I looked at the link you sent and I have setup the field as suggested in the link $999,999.00 but stll have the same problem that when you enter 5000 in the field it then displays it as $500,0. instead of $50.00 so not sure if the component may have an issue or am I still missing something.



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Use the right arrow key in the masked edit control to go right (or the mouse could be used) until you're 2 away from the decimal point. Then type 5000. It should show up as 50.00