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Is there Java API for Enterprise Vault

Created: 13 Aug 2013 • Updated: 21 Dec 2014 | 11 comments
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Normally we use Outlook add-on to view any archived mails, and now we have a requirement to read mail data (including From/To/Cc/Body/Attachments) based on mail id in the JavaEE application.

So we'd like to see if there's Java API availble to achieve this. Much appreciated.

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There are a few API's for EV, but the real one is the CM API. That lets you do archiving, retrieval and so on. But, to access it, and write an Application you need to be in the STEP program, which costs $$. The search API will give you thinks like To, From, etc... but won't let you read the message.

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Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for your info.

Do you know if the API (EV API and/or CM API) has Java implemetation or not? As our application is pure in Java.

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Agreed with Rob, please refer STEP link.

Overview of the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP)

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Before joining in the STEP, we need to know if the API could be used or not by our JavaEE application, as we would expect a Java implementation, not in C#. 

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This what you need i want to know i believe..

RAIL framework simplification

You can implement using any technology compatible with the CM API – any version of the .NET framework using C#, managed C++, VB .NET, etc., unmanaged C++, Java (with suitable COM interop), or even VB Script, etc.

With EV 10.0.4 onwards using EV Extensions – RAIL (Rapid Agent Ingestion Layer) to know more about it Join STEP.

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let me know if you still have any queries...

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Much much appreciated. This is what we need to know.

A bit more:

Do you mean the API should be running on Windows OS, though it can be invoked via Java? As our JavaEE application is running on Linux platform. Please correct me if any mis-understanding. Thanks again.

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Here is the link to the STEP program:

I suggest you to contact the STEP program directly:

Contact Us
US and Canada partner hotline
+1 888-780-7962
6 a.m. - 5 p.m. (PST), Monday to Friday

I know that they will assist you through any questions or concerns you might have about this program and Enterprise Vault CM API.

I hope this helps.

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You'd have to use something like JNBridge or J-Interop (

The only other way would be to use a web service on the EV Server, and interact with it the same way that mail apps interact with EWS etc, but that would mean you would still have to develop code on the windows side

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yes, we need Java with suitable COM interop.. but still you have to develop code on the windows side...

I hope this helps..

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Got it, and thanks everyone for your kind response/info.