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Is there a KB for OpsCenter Hardware Refresh and/or Server Rename?

Created: 31 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

We've been running OpsCenter Analitics (starting with 7.0 and now up to on one of our Master Servers and, due to the load on that server, I'd like to move it to its own box.  And that box will be at a different Data Center so it'll have to be renamed.

We don't run any fancy queries and use NTLM for access so those aren't issues but, if possible, I'd like to migrate our historical info...

So...Is there a hardware refresh KB and/or a rename the server KB?  I can't seem to find either one when searching.


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What I do know is you can backup your current DB, move the files and then restore it on new hardware/OS as long as the OpsCenter version is the same.  This is all done using the dbbackup script with various options.  I did this to move my Analytics instance from a Windows to Linux VM.

Can it be a new server name?  That I can't answer.  There are configs inside the DB that will reference the old server name but maybe you can simple change that.  Sorry I can't assist more.

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As sanman said, it is a good option to go for dbbackup script. Please find the below Link for your reference.

In the 42871 KB,  it is clearly mentioned that the new server needs to have the same hostname.

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I didn't look too closely at dbbackup (but I will have to set up regular backup jobs sometime in the future).  Since there was some question regarding server name, I went ahead and opened a ticket.  The response that came back is that the database itself doesn't hold the server name.

So I was able to stop all data collection, stop the services (and change them to Manual start on the old server), double check the database loction in the new configuration file (it was slightly different since I didn't do the original install and that person didn't accept all the defaults), copy the databases from the old server to the new server in the new location, start the services on the new server, and bingo!

I did have to edit each agent, stop, and then restart data collection before it all took.  I also had to install the agent on a couple of Masters that seemed to work before..but that's all minor..

Other than having a data dropout for that one day, the new server is doing fantastic.

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Thanks for the update.

Happy to hear that, your new server is doing well